Two old blokes fishing on the inlet. It is far from what I feel today, or for that matter for the past month.

Technology, service providers, syncing, merging, aligning, widgets, plugins, that is my frustration. How has this happened? I was using the earliest models of computers for work years and years ago, all commands and prompts and laboriously working out how to use them, then seemingly they became more ‘intuitive’, ‘user friendly’ … ha I thought that was frustration.

Frustration : trying to talk to a service provider, not only because they are in another country and clearly we are struggling with the language difference, not only because I can never get the same person and have to give my story all over again, not only because they keep telling me it is fixed, ready, on its way, and the story goes on and on. This story, is one we all know, for that I am sure.

Frustration : grows I discovered. I started just feeling, you know, a tad frustrated, then it grew, it grew and grew and grew. Suddenly I felt extremely frustrated, and with a lack of resolution and the ongoing frustration, I started to feel wobbly, not just a little wobbly but vertigo wobbly. I started to feel breathless, not just a little breathless but the sort built from anxiety. I started to feel angry, this I know is not good.

Running down the backyard, flinging stones at the bush turkey (seriously), how is it her fault she just lives here and is building a nest, putting in complaints about the workers at the service provider (seriously they have their hands tied on all levels, its not really their fault that they can’t understand me or me them). Honestly and scarily though, to actually start to have physical symptoms because of all this frustrating business – its just not worth it.

So, today I am taking a birds view journey of those fishermen above, NO, not to shit on theirs heads, NO not to wish the rain to pound them into submission, that would be the anger from the frustration. I have better ideas on how to banish frustration. I will listen to their message.

I intend to hang in my studio with NO FRUSTRATION. It is not allowed into my space, OUT it will ushered if it tries to find me. I am awash with paints and paper and a beautiful tidy space, courtesy of the best son ever, who came to rescue his Mum from stripped thread screw hell, then proceeded to put up my whole studio table, with only a little bit of a giggle at my lack of carpentry skills.

Oh bliss, oh divine goddess spirit coming into my space, unleash the tension and anxiety of the past month.

Gathering my tools and setting sail to the new world of calm, floating into the direction of my dreams.

love love love
love love love

This is my home today, come visit me tomorrow and see what rivers have flowed from my heart.

“health is my expected heaven” – John Keats