My angel
My angel

Here she is, my angel, a little worse for wear after a lifetime of waiting for her star appearance. She has been at the top of my trees for the past 37 years, given to me by my wonderful Mum (she was top of our tree all of my childhood). She gave her to me lovingly knowing how I adored her, when the house I was living in burnt down and I lost all my belongings.

She holds a special place for me and I tenderly get her out of her year long hibernation and I sing along with Judy Garland, ‘have yourself a merry little Xmas’, sip a little champagne and Xmas up the house.

Number 2 child, without fail, year in and year out, would challenge angel and my love for her. “Really, Mum, can’t we please get a REAL angel, that old thing is revolting and ugly”, shame on her. Nope, no, absolutely no way, fierce defender of angel says, the tree in my house has her on the top, always. She has been around for sure, she even came camping one year.

I used to say, when you have your own family and your own tree, do what you want but this is my angels star opportunity every year. I think the kids called it harping on … hmmm …

Number 2 child now has her own family and her own tree, and her own angel. Personally I think she looks a little stuck up, a bit fluffy really, all tule and lace, not to mention tall, not golden and kewpie like with a dashing trim of gold and an understatedness that is timeless like my angel. I did just quietly note this year that a little bit of repair needs to be administered but she’ll see a few more years out yet.

Lets see if number 2’s angel is about in 58 years!! ha …

Number 2's angel
Number 2’s angel

So you still have Xmas treasures for your tree from your childhood, if so, do they hold a special story?