our sea adventures


Here she is, my angel, a little worse for wear after a lifetime of waiting for her star appearance. She has been at the top of my trees for the past 37 years, given to me by my wonderful Mum (she was top of our tree all of my childhood). She gave her to me lovingly knowing how I adored her, when the house I was living in burnt down.. Read More


I love to create. Create art, music, installations, food, really I just get a big buzz out of putting little creations together. One time when I was learning about weaving with natural fibres, I got so in a buzz about it that I used all the old palm fronds from my garden (that really should have been composted or taken to the dump) and wove them into a basket surrounding.. Read More


Two old blokes fishing on the inlet. It is far from what I feel today, or for that matter for the past month. Technology, service providers, syncing, merging, aligning, widgets, plugins, that is my frustration. How has this happened? I was using the earliest models of computers for work years and years ago, all commands and prompts and laboriously working out how to use them, then seemingly they became more.. Read More